Issue #2

Our authors connect the dots we never knew existed. After heart-wrenching tragedy, a color-filled journey back as a man and designer; after one book, graphic design is diminished to fluffy pink frosting on a layer cake; after a woman goes digital, the world cracks open for her. What do archaeologists and pop cans, Texas BBQ, Miles Davis, the Hoover Dam, a silver fish, a rat, ear trumpets, and a toaster have in common? Watch as they enrich our thinking about web design.

  1. The Colors of Grief
    by Alex Charchar
    Illus. by Jon McNaught
  2. The Sky ain’t the Limit
    by Josh Brewer
    Illus. by Mike Lemanski
  3. Ear Trumpets and Bionic Superpowers
    by Karen McGrane
    Illus. by Dadu Shin
  4. The Things of the Future
    by Cennydd Bowles
    Illus. by Rose Blake
  5. Tongue-Tied
    by Trent Walton
    Illus. by Paul Blow
  6. Visual Design is not a Thing
    by Mark Boulton
    Illus. by Always With Honor

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The Manual captures the voices of our profession, both the well-known and the quietly working, as they bring clarity to the why of web design, share their visions, break our hearts, stretch our minds, and move us to deeper, smarter, richer work.

Each issue is an A5 (~6 × 8”) hardback book with a textured, handcrafted feel, and a bit over 100 pages of 120gsm Munken Pure stock within. No markup, screenshots, or tutorials—we focus our lens elsewhere. Each issue has its own color, from the foil-stamped design on the cover and spine to the exceptional illustration paired with each article. Line up the full spectrum of these collectible artifacts on your shelf, beginning with the first issue.

  • The web design industry has long been crying out for some intelligent, critical thinking, and The Manual delivers in abundance, presenting it all in a beautiful package. Essays from some of the web’s most creative minds and lavish production values make The Manual a wonderful artifact to behold and its content a pleasure to absorb. Elliot Jay Stocks
  • Spending so much of our time behind glowing screens, it’s always refreshing to read from something tangible. The Manual takes this to a whole new level by crafting a gorgeous journal with the attention to detail and editorial integrity all web builders will appreciate and treasure. Dan Cederholm